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Creative solutions for a digital world.

I am an experienced graphic designer and project manager providing clients with strategic and visual design solutions to enable the promotion of products to strengthen their business and sales.

Working with clients to provide creative design and marketing solutions for their business needs. This includes, corporate branding and visual identity, editorial design, illustration, and web development.

I am a Registered Graphic Designer (RGD)



Expertise and Portfolio

As a creative person I enjoy creating solutions for both print and digital for my clients. Over the last few years I have project managad and developed branding and visual identities. Corporate brands that are being refreshed or starting new in order to promote their business at a greater level within their industries.

Below are samples of work that I have developed and designed for businesses. If you wish to see more of my portfolio, please click here to contact me.


Click on the images below to see a larger image and view the project description.

Image of Prodigy's website
Prodigy Labs, refreshing a corporate brand

Prodigy Labs Inc., a professional services fintech company, refresh was to provide an overall update to corporate messaging and visual identity along with corporate documentation, business templates, website and event signage. The refresh was timed for a business event to promote the company’s new alliance with another business within the fintech industry.

Image of company Branding for Prodigy Labs
Image of two women laughing
Life Coach rebrand and website content update.

Elisabeth is a life coach with a client base and an active social media following. She wanted to update her website to drive more traffic from her social media account to her website to increase business and provide her clients with more information about her services.

To achieve these goals, we updated the messaging and imagery to be client focused. Highlighting the coach’s programs, training background and approachability along with the health benefits of hiring a life coach. This created a greater sense of trust for the clients and provided the life coach with greater visibility within her industry.

images of the new EM Coaching website
Image of a two women signing
Content Marketing

To provide clients with both messaging and design, and therefore stronger web responses, I have added to my skill set by taking courses in content marketing.

In the advertisement below I wrote the copy based on content found on the product’s web site. The messaging I wrote for this advertisement, included headline, call-to-action and list for the product features and buyer guarantee. Designed for a full-page print ad and or for use in a social media text ad.

Images of advertisement for a dog tracker
Image of a two women signing
AODA compliance for assistive technologies.

Accessibility for documentation and web is a part of my design process and conscious. Through the additions of various features to a source document or web code, this will make the document or web page easily read by screen readers and other assistive technologies.

For many of my client’s projects, accessibility features are added into the design of the document templates, such as PPT and RFP templates, therefore making things easier for the client and their customers.

Image of a pair of hands holding a globe.
Image newsletter design
Corporate Communications

Promoting an organization through newsletters, targeted emails along with social media, is now vital. Thus many branding projects now start with corporate communications. Often helping to establish a new visual identity and at times new brand messaging. Constant Contact and Mailchimp are two communication platforms that provide manageable template set up.

The results can be greater lead generation and greater trust for businesses. Below are a few examples of newsletter and email design which resulted in great lead generation for Adlib Software.

Imagery of newsletters and email for corporate communications.
Image of digital assets
Digital Assets and Templates

For many companies’ corporate assets support and help promote a company's products and brand. Therefore, with every branding project, providing branded templates for the creation of new assets is high on a client's wish list. I have designed corporate assets for both digital and print use, often establishing or refreshing a visual identity in the process. Many types of digital assets and templates that can be produced are webinar presentations, e-learning, RFP templates, corporate letterhead, and brochures.

Imagery of digital assets that support a brand's visual identity
unique image sowing a keyboard with document icons coming out of it.
Creating Unique Imagery for Unique Projects

Unique images for a specific event or promotion are often requested. They have always been needed for software companies, as their subjects and content are quite specific and many of the stock image libraries do not contain images that will work for projects.

Infographics and iconology are often requested to explain a company’s technology, product features or the business industry. Many of these infographics and icons are reused digitally for social media, presentations or in print for collateral for posters and tradeshow booth backdrops. Below are a few examples of imagery collages that I have created to illustrate software technology.

Illustration is my fun and I very much enjoy this aspect of my career.

Photoshop and photo collages
Image of a tradeshow booth
Event Graphics and Signage

Promoting a brand in large scale format is always fun and an exciting design project. Using both imagery and illustrations to create unique back drops for any sized space. Many designs have been for both pop-up fabric backgrounds or pre-determined shelf scheme layouts. Using both photo imagery and illustrations I am able to create unique back drops for any sized space. Below are four booth spaces, two shelf scheme and two fabric pop-up booths. Along with two vertical banners that were used for product promotion.

Image of tradeshow and event spaces

On line and off line

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